Dàn ý Kể về một người bạn thân thiết của em (30 bài văn mẫu) – Ngữ văn lớp 9

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Trường Tiểu học Đằng Hải được thành lập từ việc tách bộ phận cấp I của trường Phổ thông cơ sở Đằng Hải năm 1993.





Bạn đang xem: Dàn ý Kể về một người bạn thân thiết của em (30 bài văn mẫu) – Ngữ văn lớp 9 tại Trường Tiểu học Đằng Hải

Topic: Make an outline Tell about a close friend of mine.

Outline Talk about a close friend of mine


1, Opening lesson

– Briefly introduce a close friend: directly introduce about you or indirectly through an idiom, proverb about friendship.

2, Body

a) Circumstances and reasons for becoming close friends

– Introduction about gender, appearance, age: neighbor’s girlfriend, grew up together since childhood, a small friend with dimples smiling very pretty.

⇒ Combine descriptive and expressive methods.

– Why do you know each other? How did the two become close?: were born in the same month, have been close friends since childhood, and have been going to school together since kindergarten.

b) Friendship between two people

– Your personality, good points – bad points about you: you are funny, funny, laugh or talk but sometimes too noisy, too active. You often have strange fantasies about study and life. You dream of becoming a game designer.

– Talk about some memories you have together: participating in a relay race together. You have an accident, have to lie in a sad place, I come to play and do many funny things to make you happy…

– The two of you go everywhere together, like two sisters.

⇒ Combination of narrative and expressive methods.

3, Conclusion

Talking about their current relationship and hopes in the future: continue to be close, hope that both of them study well and fulfill their own dreams.


Tell me about a close friend of mine – sample 1

When we are at home we have sisters to share and play with, but when we go to school, the people next to us are friends. I have many friends since kindergarten, of which the person I am closest to is Hung, who has been with me since 1st grade.

I’ve known Hung since we were in kindergarten because Hung’s house is near my house. However, it was not until the 1st grade year that we studied together. The first impression of Hung is that he is very gentle, the least talkative in the class, but the tallest in the class. Hung has very special curly hair, his hair is never dyed but is brown brown. Hung’s face is square because of his wide forehead and big chin. Everyone in my class often teases Hung as “Hung mun” because he has quite dark skin.

But Hung has very beautiful eyes. Your eyes are big and round, plus your bushy eyebrows make your face so cute. Hung rarely talks, in class he just quietly listens to the teacher’s lecture or homework. Before that, I wondered why Hung didn’t like to play with everyone. Then I understood it wasn’t because Hung didn’t want to play with him, but because Hung still had to do his homework, then memorize the lessons in class. At home, she is very busy. Hung has to help his mother with groceries and look after her younger brother.

However, she is a good student in my class. Your best friend is English. Last year, Hung was also selected to take the city-level exam for excellent students, but unfortunately, Hung was ill and could not go. Hung does not participate in the class’s cultural movements, in return he is very good at sports, he was recruited into the children’s football team of my school. What I like most about Hung is that he is very kind. You often help other weak students without payment.

Every day, Hung goes at the earliest to be on duty on behalf of you. The watering of flowers or weeding of the flower garden of Hung class are done quietly. Hung helps me a lot in my studies, on the days when I am sick, I miss school, you are the one to copy my homework. You always took the bag for her because you said she was small and sick. My damaged toys are all repaired by Hung. I love you, so if I have something delicious, I will bring it to your house. Thanks to Hung by my side, I have never been bullied by older friends.

I really appreciate this friend of mine. I’m afraid that when I grow up, I won’t be able to study with you anymore. I just wish to go to school with you every day. I secretly thank Hung for giving me many beautiful memories of my childhood.


Tell me about a close friend of mine – sample 2

I have many close friends. But the person I love the most is my friend Huong.

Huong and I have been playing together for a long time, we got to know each other when we were placed in the same second grade. How many years has it been since then? Rub! It’s been a long time, but our friendship is still as strong as ever. She and Huong are the same age, which means we are both eleven years old this year. However, when going with Huong, I see that Huong looks mature and much older than me.

Huong came to class in a uniform with a white shirt and plaid skirt and a red scarf tied neatly in front of her chest. At home, you usually wear very cool clothes, and when you go out, you often choose healthy clothes with a t-shirt and jeans. Huong has a very flexible and gentle gait. The smooth, pink and white skin enhances your lovely, chubby face. Wow! Your eyes are so beautiful.

The eyes are big, black, deep, and in those eyes, there is always the naughty look of school age but also very gentle. Shiny, smooth black hair, always tied to the back of your neck with a small, pretty briefcase. My favorite is your face when you are happy or when you get 10 points, then your face suddenly becomes fresh and radiant, your red and pink lips open a smile to reveal white, regular teeth. .

I love Huong not only for your lovely beauty but also for your good qualities for me and my friends to follow. In class, Huong always proved to be an excellent student, her academic force in all subjects was very regular. In class, you still raised your hand very hard to speak, difficult problems that no one has seen yet, you have seen Huong’s bamboo shoots raised. Although she is a good student, Huong is not arrogant but very humble, on difficult days, her poor classmates often ask her to help her and Huong happily accepts.

Today Huong teaches that you don’t understand, then the next day Huong continues until you really understand. Not only that, Huong is also a class artist, your voice is like a gift: why is it so warm and passionate when singing about teacher-student love, but also so playful and joyful when singing about love? You are innocent and pure of school age. You are also very polite to the person above, when you meet the teachers in your school, they all stand up and greet politely.

After a period of studying and playing with friends, I have learned a lot of good qualities from you. And I will try to follow your example to become an excellent student.


Tell me about a close friend of mine – model 3

Whenever someone asked me about my best friend, I always answered without hesitation that it was Long. For me, Long is just a friend, but he is also a brother, a teacher in life.

Long is a healthy guy with a solid and well-proportioned body. Just in 6th grade, Long is already 160cm tall. Everyone said, Long looks like his father, so he will grow taller. Long has antique bronze skin, and short black hair, making anyone looking at it feel very comfortable. His eyes are so black and bright, always bursting with confidence. The most special thing about Long is his bright smile and bright white teeth.

That’s why you guys gave him the nickname Long PS. Long’s family is well-off, but he is still very simple and friendly to everyone. Every day he goes to school, he also wears a white shirt, black pants and sneakers. Never carry or brag about expensive branded items. He is also very sociable with people. Always the one to make your friends laugh.

Long’s biggest passion is football. It was thanks to football that Long and I became close friends. Simply because we have a common passion for football. That day, because of the cleaning schedule, I came back later than usual. At that time, there were only a few students in the school. Suddenly, I heard the familiar sound of the ball… Following the sound of the ball, going to the back of the gymnasium, I saw a healthy boy kicking the ball alone.

It was the first time I met Long, but I felt like we had met before. Without hesitation, she put the bag down on the stone bench, then approached, asking for a kick together. And Long freely accepted. So we played together until it was dark before returning home, with unspeakable joy.

From that day, every afternoon, I also played football with Long. One day we even talked and shared other interesting things. Gradually, we became closer to each other. Although we are not in the same class, we are still close friends. Up to now, every day, Long and I still persist in playing football together. To fulfill his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. I always hope that our friendship will always last. And I am determined to protect this wonderful friendship no matter what difficulties lie ahead.

Tell me about a close friend of mine – model 4

Human existence on this earth is a combination of relationships. Everyone who is born has a family background with people who always love, protect and protect us. Over time, each person grows up year by year, relationships are broadened. And since the first day of school, everyone must have left a close friend in the depths. To me, Ngoc Chi is a close friend that I love very much.

Ngoc Chi is a friend who has accompanied me in almost every step of the way: from my preschool days to my first day of school and now my years under the roof of junior high school.

Chi’s house is quite close to my house, only a few minutes walk, so I often go to Chi’s house to play or study with friends. Chi is the oldest sister in the family, below Chi are two younger siblings. In the family, Chi is a very obedient and filial son that everyone praises and loves. Every day after returning home from school, Chi also enlisted to help her mother with chores such as sweeping the house, cooking rice, feeding chickens…

After finishing her lesson, Chi looked after her sister and fed her. Chi takes care of me very well like an adult. As a gentle and a little dreamy girl, Chi loves flowers very much. Therefore, the balcony is a colorful fairy garden arranged and cared for by Chi herself.

In class, Chi is a diligent and good student. Right from the first grade, you were assigned to be the class president, so Chi is always exemplary in all activities, working responsibly and knowingly for the collective. Besides, Chi’s academic force is very good, always at the top of the class. Literature is a subject that Chi loves very much. At home, in her free time, Chi sings a sweet, warm voice to read and feel good poems. At the end of 6th grade, Chi excellently won the first prize in the district-level competition for excellent students in Literature.

An academic achievement that everyone has to admire and learn from. Not only that, but Chi also often helps students who are not good in class. In the places that do not understand or are still confused, Chi always explains passionately and meticulously with her own knowledge, enthusiasm and responsibility. No wonder that both teachers and classmates love Chi – a small but very kind student.

Chi is a very pretty and lovely girl. I would love to braid your long, shiny and soft black hair like a cool stream. From a young age, Chi has pink and white skin like a peeled egg. The dove’s eyes are black, always showing joy, friendliness and warmth to those around them.

Chi laughs a lot, a smile that is always open like flowers blooming in the morning. Every time she smiles, Chi reveals how charming her dimples are. Your friend’s figure is tall. In life, Chi is a very obedient and polite person to grandparents, parents…; sociable and enthusiastic with friends as well as group activities. That’s why everyone loves Chi and teaches Chi good things.

Chi and I are best friends since childhood. When they were children, they often invited each other to play volleyball, fly kites, etc. It was just a folk game but a whole region of beautiful memories. It’s been nearly ten years since the day the two started school, the two are still attached to each other like a picture and a shadow: sharing their thoughts, sorrows and joys, helping each other to learn and overcome difficulties. challenges to become more mature, closer and more attached.

I love you Chi very much, I don’t know when Chi has become an indispensable part of my life. Hopefully, my dear friend Chi has been and will be with me every step of the way.

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